8 Tips to Help You Sell a Vacant or Abandoned Home in Massachusetts

Selling a vacant or abandoned home in Massachusetts can present a daunting challenge for homeowners, particularly if you reside out of state, seek a swift sale, or lack familiarity with the process. Finding a buyer for a property that has languished unattended can prove arduous, given the typical neglect and deterioration associated with such homes. Fortunately, Pegasus Home Buyers stands ready to alleviate the burden by facilitating a quick and hassle-free sale of your home.

At Pegasus Home Buyers, we specialize in purchasing homes outright, in their current condition. This means you need not fret over repairs or renovations before initiating the sale. Our dedicated team handles every aspect of the transaction, allowing you to direct your attention elsewhere.

For those contemplating selling a vacant or abandoned home in Massachusetts through conventional channels, here are eight invaluable tips to guide you:

1. Get a professional appraisal

Before listing your property, securing a professional appraisal is paramount. This evaluation furnishes you with the fair market value of your home, ensuring accurate pricing should you opt for MLS listing.

2. Clean up the property

First impressions wield considerable influence, necessitating a thorough cleanup of the property before presenting it to potential buyers. This entails clearing debris, mowing the lawn, and pruning shrubbery. Address any necessary repairs and consider refurbishing or retiling as needed. 

3. Stage the home for potential buyers

Where feasible, stage the home to enhance its allure to prospective buyers. This could entail modest enhancements such as furnishing and décor to imbue the space with warmth and charm. While engaging a professional stager yields superior results, bear in mind the associated costs.

4. Take high-quality photos of your property

When showcasing your property online, compelling visuals are indispensable. Invest in high-quality photography to accentuate your home’s most captivating features. Enlist the services of a professional photographer to capture interior shots and aerial footage using drones.

5. List the property on multiple platforms

Maximize exposure by listing your property on diverse platforms including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. Some agents may include this as part of their marketing efforts, while others may levy an additional fee.

6. Be flexible with showings

Facilitating showings for a vacant or abandoned home necessitates flexibility. Be amenable to showcasing the property at varying times of the day, including weekends. With the absence of occupants, scheduling showings should prove relatively straightforward.

7. Consider working with a real estate agent

While selling a vacant or abandoned home independently is plausible, it poses inherent challenges. Engage the services of a seasoned real estate agent with a proven track record in your locality. However, bear in mind that should your home sell through a Massachusetts-based agent, you may be liable for substantial commissions. 

8. Sell Your Massachusetts House Directly to Pegasus Home Buyers

For a swift and effortless transaction, contemplate collaborating with Pegasus Home Buyers. We offer to purchase your home outright, as-is, sparing you the intricacies of traditional sales. Our streamlined process ensures a seamless transaction with minimal hassle.

At Pegasus Home Buyers, we empathize with the stress associated with selling a vacant or abandoned home. Rest assured, our seasoned experts possess the expertise to facilitate a smooth and expedient sale. Reach out to us today to explore how we can assist you in selling your vacant or abandoned home in Massachusetts. We’re committed to helping you find the optimal solution for your unique circumstances. Contact us now!

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